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    Hi. Welcome to my page. Make yourself comfortable.

    Here's some info:

    He's so freakin' cute!

    Name: Phoenix

    Age: 13 yrs

    Sexuality: Ace-Spec

    Romantic orientation: ???

    Gender: Non-Binary

    Pronouns: She/her He/him, They/them/their, Xe/xem/xyr, Ze/zem/zir, One/one's/oneself, Co/co's/coself, It/it's/itself, Candy/candies/candiself, 😩/😩's/😩self, 🍭/🍭's/🍭self (More pronouns idk)

    Likes: Good, t.v., Htf (Happy tree friends), helping people, the internet, animals, lots of other stuff

    Dislikes: Bad, Abuse, Evil, Anti-Lgbtq+, a bad story, t.v. show cancellation, not being able to help people, Bullying, lot's of other stuff.

    Phobia's: Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) Casadastraphobia (fear of falling into the sky), Trypanophobia (Fear of needles), Melanoheliophobia (Fear of black holes)

    Favorite color(s): Blue, Lime green, Pink, Gold, Rainbow

    My favorite gachatuber: []¿Čindy?[] (I idolize them)

    My favorite youtube animator: Chaochao0071

    Advice for everyone: Be yourself, don't let anyone put/get you down, and live your life cuz you only live once.

    This isn't my art. But Nutty looks so cute.

    I'm a little uncomfortable opening up to those I don't know, but once you get to know me i'll tell you lot's of things.

    Status: Inactive


    I don't care what you think of me.

    Rainbows and LGBTQ+ forever!!!

    Be proud of who you are!!!

    Favorite lgbtq+ songs: Girls/girls/boys, I kissed a girl, Born this way, Vogue, etc.



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