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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki

    \\ General TW & CW //

    Notice: Please refer to our DNI list at the bottom and do not interact if you fall under our list bulletpoints. For individuals a part of Multiverse Roamia, it's the host's DNI. For everyone outside of Multiverse Roamia, it's the collective's DNI.

    The host of Multiverse Roamia highly recommends anyone from there to not interact in any Discussions on this wiki including Discord except for self-questioning questions or edits on pages. We will be reading off this wiki for research and editing purposes only due to witnessing a ton of negativity, toxicity, and dare the host says, immaturity on this wiki and on its Discord.

    The host can go on and on on how disappointed he is in many individuals of this wiki, but ae will decide to leave it there.

    /vsrs /vu /nm at members of Multiverse Roamia or at anyone who hasn't acted in a toxic way or have genuinely learned from their mistakes

    ⭐️ Welcome to Multiverse Roamia ⭐️

    A polygenic, pluralqueer, polynull, mixed collective, a polyplex with 3 known indoor layers and several sublayers.

    (PLC): 🌤, ❓, 🕯️, 🍀, 🐍🐔, ❓, ⭐️☄️

    ➤ Terms We Have Coined On Here

    ➤ DNI (Do Not Interact)

    Our DNI list are as follows:

    DNI List

    ➤ Our Missions

    Anyone else outside of Multiverse Roamia can partake in this as well. These are mainly just edits to make the wiki more inclusive. Please do not undo our edits below (keep in mind that these aren't the only edits we make):

    • Changing "person" and "people" to "individual", "individuals", or "folks/folx". The alternatives are more inclusive towards alterhumans(/beings)/otherkin/nonhuman individuals.
    • Changing any all cap text to lower caps. All cap texts can be triggering for some individuals.
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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.