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    Hi! I’m StariiArts! You can call me Starii! I used to be an admin on the lgbta wiki but I stopped for a while. I’ll just chill here instead! More about me below!

    Terms I’ve coined

    Terms I go by :)

    Names and pronouns


    (Also look at my find me here section for my pronoun.page) They/Them/Their/Theirs/Themself He/Him

    Labels I’m still figuring out if I should use:

    Mental stuff

    • Neurodivergent
    • Anxiety (I was diagnosed with general,but I think it’s social)
    • Depression
    • Some type of depersonalization-de realization disorder
    • Possible skin-picking disorder

    Triggers and Squicks

    General Cw and TW



    • Body horror🟡
    • Climate Change 💥
    • The name Carrie 🟡 (I will still interact with you if this is your name)
    • Picking/Biting nails 🟡

    Other stuff and facts about me!

    • I am self-conscious
    • I’d be happy to educate you on anything Lgbtqia+!
    • I love reading,Writing,Astronomy, and science
    • I have known about lgbtqia+ for 3 years and have been in it for one year! (July 12 2020 is when I first realized I was in the community, I realized I was Ace)
    • My B-Day is August 29th!
    • I am really anti-social with irl people, but for some reason, extremely social online
    • I got INFP-T on the Myers-Briggs personality test
    • I sometimes starts my replies with hhhhhhhh. Sometimes it’s out of frustration or social akwardness. This is not always the case though


    Find me here!





    • heyoo!! have a great day ^^ - Mercuryorhymn
    • @Mercuryorhymn I hope you have an amazing day too!-StariiArts
    • Hiiiiiiiii! - Charlie
    • hi you're really cool [adriann000]
    • you are awesome!! - Unicornian
    • Ello Starii! You sound like a very cool person, your about page is also neatly written! Wish you the best! From - Beebiexs

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