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    He/They // 17 years old // Atheist // FtM Transgender (Non-Binary Dude?) // Bi-Oriented Aroace // (Contently) Single

    Self-Taught Artist // Self-Taught Animator // Music Lover (all genres except for rap) // Nature Enthusiast

    Languages: Dutch (first), English (second).

    Where can you find me?

    Deviantart (@Poekiepoes)

    Scratch (@poekiepoes)

    Terms I use

    Other terms that describe me, but I don't explicitly tell people I use. I wrote them down because why not. And also I like linking articles.

    ''Attraction'' is most of the time shortened to ''a.''. Just so that's clear.

    Queerplatonic Attraction

    • Quoiqueerplatonic (don't know whether or not I experience queerplatonic a.)
    • (Quoi-)Cupioqueerplatonic (might still want a queerplatonic relationship though, not sure yet)

    Platonic Attraction

    • Grayplatonic (I experience platonic a. infrequently, and also not very strongly)
    • Frayplatonic (my platonic a. fades when I get closer to that specific person platonically)
    • Biplatonic (I experience platonic a. to at least 2 genders (only had it for binary guys and girls so far))

    Aesthetic Attraction

    • Omniaesthetic (I experience aesthetic a. to all genders, but am not genderblind and have a preference)
    • Anaestheticflux (I experience aesthetic a. sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, and sometimes not at all)

    Sensual Attraction

    • Demisensual (I only experience sensual a. after forming a close bond with someone)
    • Apressensual (I only experience sensual a. after I experience platonic attraction)

    I don't really have a good idea of what genders I am sensually attracted to, but I'm going to say I'm bisensual, because my platonic- and sensual attraction are closely connected to each other.

    Other Terms

    20 Questions about me!

    I just Googled ''20 questions about me'' lol. Enjoy.

    Questions are in normal text, my answers are in bold.

    1. Height? 1.70 meters/5'7 feet
    2. Favorite color? Yellow, orange, green (All shades. Yes, even the gross ones), and amber
    3. Favorite school subject? Biology!
    4. Something I want to learn? Not really one specific thing right now
    5. Favorite quote? ''You are a saucy boy'' -Capulet, Romeo and Juliet (I just love that one)
    6. Favorite food? This dish with spinach, pasta, ham, cheese, and onions
    7. Favorite place? Home
    8. Do I use sarcasm? No (/s)
    9. What song did I listen to last? ''Bad Liar'' by Imagine Dragons, listening to it as I'm typing, actually
    10. Shoe size? 39 (European standards)
    11. Eye color? I don't know for sure lol, my passport says my eyes are blue but they look more green-ish gray. I just tell people they're gray
    12. Hair color? Dark brown (dyed)
    13. Skirt or jeans? Jeans for sure. Skirts make me a lil dysphoric
    14. Favorite movie? Interstellar
    15. Favorite song? I have a playlist of 1200+ songs lol I can't pick just one
    16. Favorite book? Warriors by Erin Hunter and the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. Not really one single book, but ey
    17. Favorite band? Don't know
    18. Favorite holiday? I don't care too much for holidays honestly, although I have to say christmas because some good stuff happened last year christmas, so I automatically connect it with good memories
    19. Reason I joined this wiki? I was questioning, why else?
    20. Last book I read? Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

    Anoder one because why not. I skipped questions I already answerd, that's why there's not 20 of them.

    1. What is your full name? Not answering that
    2. How old are you? When is your birthday? I was born 28-04-2004 (am 17 years old)
    3. Where were you born? Hospital (not saying which city, although it's not in my hometown, but rather the city I now go to school to)
    4. Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their names? I have one little brother and one little sister, not saying their names though
    5. What are the names of your parents? Again, not answering
    6. Do you have any pets? If you do, what kind? What are their names? Nobi and Yoda, two standard issue cats, they're sisters and littermates, although they look nothing alike lol
    7. Who is your best friend? Not saying his name
    8. What is your favorite number? 4587, if you get it, you get it.
    9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Don't know lol, I really need to start making a decision.
    10. What do you like to do in your free time? Drawing, mainly
    11. Do you play any sports? If so, what sports do you play? I do archery!
    12. What makes you unique? You be the judge of that lol, there's not really one specific trait I can name
    13. What is your favorite animal? Cats, although I like all felines
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