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    As I've been locked out of my first account, Pastelglitches, I've copied and pasted that page. This is a WIP until I can edit it properly. Thanks!


    Please read my carrd, specifically its dni, before personally interacting with me! :)

    Warning: text below this features uncensored swearing!

    General Info[1]

    i don't know my name....... i don't play by the rules of the game-


    Pastelglitchesxx, GAYSWILLRULE


    Pinkie Pie, The Grinch


    BLM, ACAB, Leftist

    Biographical information

    Date of death


    Place of death


    Physical description




    Not very

    Eye color


    We're a multigenic median system and we're still going through the process of identifying ourselves! We switch between using plural terms like we/us and singular ones like i/me. For now, we're calling ourselves the Messenger Medianmates (aka the Fucked Up Facets)! Please feel free to give us pronoun and name suggestions on our Message Wall.


    Aidan (blanket identity/quiet self)

    Leo (co-host/confident self)

    possibly more TBD

    Hobbies: Writing, drawing, binge-watching, spiraling, writing poetry and song lyrics, researching literally whatever (if you wanna know about sexual dimorphism in largemouth bass hit me up), being a fucking nerd

    Comfort show: One Day At a Time

    Comfort characters: Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost

    Comfort song: Mike Relm's The Chucky Megamix

    Pronouns: xe/xyr/xyrs/xyrself, ey/em/eir/eirs/emself, ve/ver/vis/verself (multipronominal and demipronounfluid), none (parapronomial), killer/frost/frostself (charapronouns)

    Genders: Non-binary/genderfluid, alexi-xenoflux

    Sexuality: Quioromantic, platoniflux, biromantic/bisexual

    Amory: Polyamorous (egaliterian polyamory)

    Other: Altersex (AFAB-P; X-Altsex)

    Stuff I have: ADHD, anxiety, maladaptive daydreaming, intrusive thoughts, dyslexia, dyscalculia

    Likes: Music (literally all genres; mostly nightcore, rock, metal, ect), poetry, sci-fi and the supernatural, DC (mostly Arrowverse), Hands Off Gretel (favorite band), cats, enemies to lovers, fic-writing and fanart (fandom culture in general), researching

    Dislikes: Bees (scared of them irl, fine with fake/online/drawn ones), can't remember anything else

    Pages I've created: fraynominal


    If you want, you can sign my profile! You can add anything beyond this point until I say otherwise.

    hewo! :) -ravenfire803 10/7/21

    frie - basil (@.forestofmushrooms.)

    omg is that a piano????????????????????????????????????????????????????? -Rainbow cat thing

    heyyyyy :] -fayetheweirdogoblin

    aid of ayds i lovb ya hot stuff - leo c;

    Annnnd stop, thank you!

    DNI list

    If anybody would prefer I not interact with them (no explanation needed), please sign your username here. You can add anything beyond this point until I say otherwise. I'll also be adding names here myself if the need arises.


    Queer sunflower

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