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    hii ! my name's meera and i'm a 17 year old trans girl! my pronouns are she/her.

    about me

    pronouns : she/her

    sexuality: sapphic bisexual (other labels include: neptunic, finic, pansexual)

    gender: trans girl

    age: 17

    interests / favorites

    games - minecraft & omori primarily

    music artists - beach bunny, why don't we, troye sivan, conan gray, and more !!

    songs - [beach bunny] cloud 9, blame game, sports, prom queen, good girls, painkiller. [wdw] literally all of their music. [troye sivan] youth, rager teenager, dance to this, strawberries & cigarettes. [conan gray] astronomy, maniac, overdrive, crush culture. (OH, AND I LOVE NOSTALGIC MUSIC FROM 2007ISH-2016, REALLY JUST ANYTHING THAT WAS PLAYED IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!)

    tv shows - the flash, falcon & the winter soldier, stranger things, 13 reasons why, avatar tla & korra, charlotte, highschool dxd, and more !!

    movies - [specifics] most avengers movies, your name (kimi no na wa), weathering with you, a dogs purpose, and so many more!! i like most comedy movies, or really just anything with a good story. action movies are cool too !

    books - the maze runner set, the hunger games set ( although i'm yet to read the most recent 4th book D: ), forever for a year, blonde ops, and more ! i generally like teen romance novels as well as adventure and sci-fi !!

    animals - kittens and bunnies mostly, but i like most animals :) . also, cats > dogs

    food - i eat.. basically everything honestly.. i like pizza a lot though,, i guess ?


    i have (self-diagnosed) adhd [+ rsd], ocd, and moderate depression. i'm also quite introverted, but can be extroverted depending on the situations im in (i think that's called ambivert? i honestly have no clue).

    terms coined

    i've only coined one term so far, but i hope to create more in the future and help others understand their gender identity better!!


    idk how this is gonna work, idk anyone here, i'm also new to the community lol, but hey if you happen to be passing by here, feel free to sign here :]

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