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    Hiya my Lovelies! Welcome to my Page!

    My Names♌

    • Kai
    • Lucifer (Luci For short)
    • Xion
    • Saix
    • Aubrey
    • Shay
    • Nezuko

    Small info about me🖤🤍💚🤍🖤

    My pronouns:

    • It/its/itself (Main Pronouns)
    • He/him/himself (2nd Main, used more for school)
    • Si/Siren/Sirens/Sirens/Sireself
    • Cloud/Clouds/Cloudself
    • Fae/Faer/Faer/Faers/Faeself
    • Gem/Gems/Gemself
    • Lunar/Lun/Lunars/Lunarself

    My genders: Agender, Fairygender, Colorgender and Cottagecoric, Nebulagender, Elfengender, Pastelgender, Fairycoric, Gendertreble, GenderFlux, Trans Masculine, Residentgender

    Sexual attraction: Asexual, Fictosexual

    Romantic attraction: Biromantic

    Amory: Polyamorous and proud!

    What I Like💜

    • Chilling
    • Drawing
    • Watching netflix
    • Song writing
    • Singing
    • Listening to music
    • Having vibe hour
    • Wholesome Chaos

    What I dislike💔

    • Gatekeeping
    • LGBTQphobes
    • M*Ps
    • Zoophilia
    • Necrophilia
    • Drama
    • Invalidation


    • P*rents and F*milies
    • Pedophila
    • transphobia
    • Homophobia
    • Grooming
    • Being Called Out

    Signatures UwU💖🧡💛💚💙💜

    hello i signed your profile ùwú

    goodbye now


    I come to sign this page. -GlitchedDecision

    hhhhh henwuuu *dances in squish mode* you're amazing and i hope you know it, or else it is IIII who shall be forced to remove your membership to the frozie yogie club- Reign

    my beautiful signature is now here - dago

    yea im here also youre kuol <3 - Mycel

    You can't escape the cuddles >:3 - Kat

    Guess who's here? Someone you've never heard of - Cinna aka @Doesn'tMatter036

    do you ever just- *eats bread* -avery

    Hi friend - Austyn

    henwu lovely pogger fairy fren- reign

    Hewooo your friend has signed here (At least I hope you call me friend and I didnt just make this awekward)-Arlynn aka @ArlynnosaurusRex

    Sorry- Theexpertlesbiannerd

    SILENCIO BRUNO!!!!!!!! - User:A conor cat for Honor

    Big gae

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