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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki


    We're a system! Moon made this account before nya knew that. Please always ask who's fronting!!










    Moon: Genderhoarder

    Monda: Enby & Royalsnakeic

    Daisy: Paracassflux & Mewgender

    Skye: Genderfluid

    Mercy: Cis Female

    Luceille: Trans Female


    Moon: She/her, they/them, it/its, howl/howls/howlself/, nya/nyas/nyaself, kit/kits/kitself, kit/kits/kitself, meow/meows/meowself, mew/mews/mewself, lyn/lyns/lynx/lynxself, claw/claw/claws/clawself, feli/felis/feliself, pur/purr/purrs/purrself, whisker/whiskers/whiskerself

    Monda: They/them

    Daisy: Doesn't care, usually uses she/her

    Skye: Any except she/her currently

    Mercy: She/her

    Luceille: She/her, they/them

    Sexual Orientation

    Moon: Lesbian, Demisexual, Sapphic, Moonjewelean

    Monda: Bisexual

    Daisy: Asexual

    Skye: Asexual

    Mercy: Pansexual

    Luceille: Cassexual

    Romantic Orientation

    Moon: Homoromantic, Demiromantic

    Monda: Biromantic

    Daisy: Homoromantic, Nekoromantic (Links to nekosexual but yeah)

    Skye: Aromantic

    Mercy: Aromantic

    Luceille: Cassromantic

    Platonic Orientation

    Moon: Panplatonic

    Monda: Biplatonic

    Daisy: Homoplatonic, Nekoplatonic

    Skye: Questioning

    Mercy: Demiplatonic

    Luceille: Cassplatonic


    Moon: Human/mage

    Monda: Dogenby (not gender, like dogboy but non-binary)

    Daisy: Cat

    Skye: Human

    Mercy: Spirit

    Luceille: Spirit

    Headmate Types

    Moon: Host, Core, Middle/systeen

    Monda: Frontrunner, Middle/systeen

    Daisy: Factive (Source: Our cat Daisy)

    Skye: Companion, Middle/systeen

    Mercy: Little/syskid

    Luceille: Caregiver/caretaker, Big/adult


    Moon: Uncomfortable sharing but a minor

    Monda: 14

    Daisy: 2

    Skye: 15

    Mercy: 8

    Luceille: 18


    Every system member here shares these triggers.

    • Yo mom/mum/mama jokes (just saying it makes us uncomfortable, full on jokes trigger)
    • Real pics of hanging
    • Being yelled at
    • Being told to shut up
    • Insults without tone indicators


    Nym from Lily's Night Off.

    Nikki from Camp Camp.


    We may add more here later!

    Remember, if you don't know what something on here is, research!

    If you're interested in seeing Moon's gender hoard, just be prepared, it's pretty big (/nsx '-')

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