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    Hello!! I'm Misery!!!!! Nice to meet you!!!

    Plural (System members below general)

    Obsessions: Emo/scene culture, MCR, P!ATD

    Pronouns: he/they/fae

    Other Pronouns: goth/vamp/ghost/xe/it/scale/dragon

    Termcollector, former Transmed, Demisexual and Panromantic, Trans Nonbinary Demifluid dragon and general weirdo!!

    Pagan, Witch, Emo, Otherkin, Furry, Neurodivergent, Feminist

    Do not interact if:

    - you are transphobic

    - you are homophobic

    - you think TikTok is an accurate source on information

    - you are racist or sexist

    - you support ACAB

    - you think medical transition is required to be trans

    Put your name here if you want me to DNI w/ u:



    Only Misery can't interact. -Morningsky155


    Current system members:

    The Misery System:

    Fin (host)

    • he/they
    • body host
    • trans nonbinary, panromantic and asexual
    • pagan
    • tries to be sensible
    • likes: books, tea, cats, baking, makeup, the early 2000s
    • dislikes: loud noises, drama, screaming
    • easily stressed

    Ali (co-host)

    • she/they
    • fin's twin sister
    • formed in 2018
    • demigirl (cis), bisexual
    • chaos incarnate
    • speaks japanese
    • likes: rock music, animals, the colour blue, dying her hair, fashion, youtube, acting, guitar
    • dislikes: being bored, instagram, popular kids, religion
    • Swears a lot, bad with tone tags


    • aroace
    • any, he/they preferred
    • a celestial being in control of the suffering of humans.
    • prosecutor
    • likes: loud noises, crying, ambulances, chaos, suffering, drugs, jazz, theatre, torturing fin
    • dislikes: other gods, twin sister (Joy),


    • soother
    • she/petal/flower/they
    • transgender mtf
    • around 21 years old
    • lesbian asexual
    • likes: the colour purple, helping others, bunnies, nature, crystals and flowers
    • dislikes: stress, crowded rooms, being yelled at
    • will help other systems who need it
    • takes over during panic attacks
    • elf + pagan witch

    Cakepop (Cake)

    • shey/it/pop/cake/mew
    • catgender + demifluid
    • little
    • shy
    • likes: bunnies, cats, sleeping, colouring, cute things, cartoons, pastels
    • dislikes: loud noises, mean people, arguments

    North Barrier

    • they/they or no pronouns
    • Mental protector
    • Doesn't speak as of now
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