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    Hey hey!

    I see you've stumbled upon my user page! I don't use this wiki often, but if/when I do pop in I might roam around & show some support for everyone here learning about their identity/identities.


    Pronouns: he/him/his

    Gender: male (cisgender)

    Sexual orientation: asexual (still exploring, possibly demisexual or otherwise a-spec)

    Romantic orientation: heteromantic/questioning (comfortable with heteromantic for now, but not much thought/exploration has occurred in this region of my identity. I briefly considered panromantic, but it doesn't quite fit me, and I'm sure there's more to think about, but I'm not too worried about it considering the state of my social life)

    Other notes:

    • most of my friends are platonic, but I do feel alterous attraction frequently enough that it's worth noting
    • currently investigating my otherkin/otherhearted/otherwise alterhuman identity (while objectkin and conceptkin are debatable to some of the community, I strongly believe that they're just as valid as any other kintype, and I personally am currently resonating with the concept of computer programming, although I'm unsure whether the relationship is otherkin or otherhearted)


    I'm usually extremely shy at first, although talking online as opposed to in person can help mask that significantly. If/when you get me to open up, though, I'll be more active in the conversation (especially if the topic is about some of my interests, detailed a bit later), although I'm still quite introverted no matter what. I'm... not good at maintaining friendships, but I still try, so if you're interested in forming a friendship with me, please keep that in mind ;-;


    (I cycle through these frequently. For example, while I'm working on a remix, I tend not to think about Brawl modding or visual art)

    • Computer programming (very large interest, especially considering my alterhuman identity)
    • Video games (specifically: Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Pokémon, Jet Set Radio, Super Smash Bros.)
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl modding
    • Music production/remixing
    • Digital visual art
    • Trombone

    (this is the extent of my personality at the moment, school has been draining my motivation & energy for a while now)

    If you've read this far, thanks <3 hope you're having a great day, you deserve it => my Discord is in my profile; while I don't want to be flooded with DMs, it is there if you want/need to talk (maybe leave a message on my message wall first so I can mentally prepare myself, please & thanks)

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