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    I love writing and do a lot of it. I mainly write fanfiction (original characters are hard to design; making your favourite character gay and giving them tattoos and piercings is fun) and beta/proofreading; Available for beta, plus I'm free, so feel free to ask if you need one!

    I'm in lots of fandoms, much too many to name off the top of my head, but I like anime - hence the profile picture - and I read a lot, my favourite genres being murder mystery or psychological horror. Poetry is another thing I induce. I read and write it.

    I have no plans on going to college or studying literature, but I hope that someday I will get some of my writing published and help inspire others!

    My Wattpad and my Ao3 are here!


    Art is a big part of my life and is something I try to do daily. I am aiming to be a tattoo artist, due to my love for both art and tattoos, I've always wanted to have one myself and can't wait to start apprenticeships once the pandemic has subsided! I am self-taught and have never enjoyed classes, but hopefully, I will start art in school next year, since I'm transferring!

    I dab in oil pastels, pencils, inking, acrylic, colouring pencils, markers and watercolours, I don't do digital often and I cannot do clay, it's just so hard.

    I don’t post any art on social media, due to the messed up instagram and tumblr cerium that I do not wish to be involved in.


    The LGBTQIA+ community has been a big part of my life and a consistent pillar of support.

    I identity with many labels, most that I myself struggle to explain.

    I identity as non-binary, but prefer the term Enby, I use they/them and he/him pronouns, but I don't mind others as well (just not she/her).

    I'm Nblw, but just call me a lesbian since I'm biologically female and explicitly attracted to females and the odd fellow enby.

    I'm aspect, it's hard to explain and I use lots of micro labels, but I normally just say I'm demisexual or Lithoromantic, with the occasional crush I want to be reciprocated - rarely though.

    I’ve had a few instances where I’ve wanted to be with two or more people at the same time so I'm open to polygamy relationships, and I wouldn’t mind my partner having another partner as well, even if we all aren’t in a relationship. I very open minded in relationships, but unfortunately very single.

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