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    My main pronouns are He/Moth/Chomp

    The rest of my neopronouns can be found here

    Do not use any feminine terms when referring to me.

    Sexual Orientations

    Demisexual - A sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum defined as someone who does not experience sexual attraction until they have formed a deep emotional connection with someone.

    Romantic attraction

    Abroromantic - An individual whose romantic attraction is changing or fluid.

    Turian (also knowns as Veldian) - Is a term to describe gay men, along with any gay non-binary individual who wish to be included under the label. It is a fully inclusive label that any gay man, or gay nonbinary individual, can use.


    Transmasculine - A term used to describe a transgender person who typically was assigned female at birth (AFAB) but identifies fully or partially as a masculine gender.

    Papiliogender - A xenogender (specifically a faunagender) in which ones gender feels strongly connected to moths and mothcore.


    Xenoflux - A gender identity in which a person can experience varying degrees of any given xenogender identity. For example, one could feel 0% (agender), 50% (half any given xenogender, the other half being agender), 100% (of the given xenogender). The intensity can fluctuate over any period of time.

    Skeliogender - A xenogender that is used for individuals who's gender/feeling of gender may die out at certain times, whether it is caused by emotional stress, or simply by dysphoria.

    Xenoboy - A term for individuals who identify as xenic/xiaspec men/boys.

    Devilic - A queer identity that feels proud of and reclaims the idea that their identity as queer is devilish, a sin, or inherently bad and evil.

    Spacnautean - A scenegender that can be seen as beautiful and creative, it goes along with this scenery: "One is a astronaut, floating through space and watching the stars, feeling the immense power of the void. This gives them a feeling of joy, vastness and a certain comfort."

    Affectipupian - A gender related to dogs, pups, affection, and puplike affection. This gender is soft, cute, and may feel like affection directed towards dogs and puppies or coming from a dogs and puppies.

    Pupgender - faunagender that falls under the canisgender umbrella, and is closely related to neurogenders, although it can be used by neurotypical individuals. It is defined as "a gender that is small, lively, cute and any other quality associated with puppies, that is puppy-like and/or connected to puppies."

    Aliengender - When one's interpretation of gender / their gender(s) feels as though it's from a nonhuman perspective. One may or may not adopt a gender or attempt to fit into a gender but it feels like it's in an "alien trying out foreign species’ gender" sort of way.

    Autigender - Also known as autisgender or autismgender, is a neurogender which can only be understood in the context of being autistic or when one's autism greatly affects one's gender or how one experiences gender.

    Amation - A xenogender related to the acts of giving and receiving love. It’s soft, warm, and inviting while also being intense and strong.

    Amplexian - A gender in the Scene System that can be described as "a gender that feels like hugging a loved one." It is a scenegender that feels calming, warm, tight and home.

    Eurekagender - A musicagender based on the Mother Mother album Eureka.

    All Xenogenders below are ones I idenfity with, but arent my main identities
    Androphobian - A xenogender and neurogender connected to the fear of men. One’s gender may be affected by this fear. This term can be used on its own or with others.

    Gynophobian - a gender connected to the fear of women. (Page not created)

    Animogender - A gender identity where one feels that their gender (or genders) have personalities and/or a mind of their own.

    Antagender - An aesthetigender in which one feel highly connected to villians or antagonists in stories, movies, shows, etc.

    Antagogender - A xenogender where one's gender is related to being evil or villainous. This gender can feel suave, confident, antagonistic, dark, or hidden in the shadows. It can also relate to causing chaos.

    Apigender - A kingender or xenogender that feels soft and vibrates with differing intensities like a bee, and/or feels sticky, fuzzy and soft, giving vibes of what honey tastes like, or overall has qualities of/feelings related to bees.

    Aquarian - A gender that is visually beautiful and full of life, that must be cared for, tended to, and thought of often. It can be found with many little elements inside.

    Arcadecoric - A coric xenogender related to arcadecore. It's associated with arcades, technology, glowing neon colors on darkness, arcade carpets, video games, and retro aesthetics.

    Astraitelian - A xenogender in the Scene System that feels like space all around, just pure space with a light, soft grey light emanating and stars all around. It's a gender that's just like a softly lit, pure, star-filled space and universe.

    Astralgender - A xenogender that feels connected to space, stars and the universe.

    Astranoirian - A gender in Scene System that can be described as "a gender that feels like watching the starry sky on a cool summer night." it is a scenegender that feels like a calming, beautiful and "once in a life-time" event and goes along with this imagery: "It's nighttime, the warm breeze fills the air, one is looking up at the stars, the stars that simmer in the nightime showing its natural beauty, a feeling of euphoria and shimmering with the stars, looking up at the stars on a warm summer night."

    Astrumgender - A xenogender that is connected to stars and/or constellations. An astrumgender individual may feel like their gender is like lights in a void, or that a light is bursting from within them.

    Abhorcoric - A coric xenogender related to the abhorcore aesthetic. It is based on the aesthetic of manufactured anger & aggression. It includes imagery or emotions of hatred, anger, heartbreak, violent imagery, gore, the feeling of rejection, burning buildings, angry dogs, glitchy VHS, abandoned buildings, bones, dirt, and the colors black and crimson or red.

    -Comfic - The -comfic suffix is used for genders that relate to one's comfort object, piece of media, food, concept, or other thing.

    Audinic - A gender that is influenced and changed by one's hyperempathy.

    Bioluminescentfungigender - A neurogender and microlabel of fungigender for when one's hyperfixation or special interest in bioluminescent mushrooms makes them want to incorporate them into their gender or makes them feel as though bioluminescent mushrooms connect to their gender is some way. This gender may also have a slightly magical feeling to it.

    Boredgender - A neurogender characterized by the collecting of several identities (genders, orientations, pronouns) to appease one's need to feel a connection to oneself, though one quickly grows bored of them all - scraps everything - and tries again. This process can feel frustrating and may or may not make the original problem worse. This may be due to an unstable sense of self, impulsivity, dissociation or other reasons.

    Buggender - A xenogender or neurogender that is highly connected to bugs.

    Catstimmic - A xenogender in which one’s gender is strongly connected to stimming, kitties/cats, plushies and influenced by one being neurodivergent. One might feel like their gender can only be understood or acknowledged while stimming and it feels like plushies and kitties, or is otherwise related to stimming, plushies and kitties/cats.

    Creepergender - A gender defined by its connection to the creeper from Minecraft. It is a xenogender that was made for neurodivergent individuals, although everyone can use the term. Someone who is creepergender can have a gender that might feels aggressive, impulsive, mysterious, explosive, or have any other qualities resembling the mob. Their gender can also relate to the mob or its aesthetic in general.

    Decorusgender - A xenogender and aesthetigender related to refined and elegant masculinity, which involves things such as suits, pocket watches, ties, calligraphy, politeness, purpose, grace, decorum, etc.

    Demongender - An exclusive neurogender that is connected with anything demonic related. This does not include devils. This applies for those who identify as some kind of theological or fictional demon.

    Devilgender - A gender identity for neurodivergent individuals (neurogender) that is connected to devils, demons, and evil itself.

    Drakogender - Is when one collects/hoards genders due to being neurodivergent, and can be used by anyone who is neurodivergent.

    Empathgender - A fluid or fluctuating gender influenced by when other individuals describe theirs, or when one reads an explanation or description on a gender. Most of the time this causes confusion and questioning about one’s gender, since their experience felt genuine. The influence of a gender can vary, being brief or even lasting for several days.

    Evilgender - An umbrella term for any genders, neurogenders, or kingenders that are related or connected to anything that is considered bad or evil.

    Faithgender - A xenogender and specifically a gamegender for individuals who have a strong connection to the indie horror game FAITH created by by Airdorf.

    Fractalgender - A neurogender that, like a fractal, is an infinitely intricate gender. It is more especifically defined as "a gender where one’s gender consists of many different patterns, components, or other genders, and its inner complexities can only be understood within the context of being neurodivergent. If a neurotypical individual tried to understand it, they would think they’re seeing the same patterns at each layer, hence the “fractal”, when in fact each layer means something different to the neurodivergent individual.

    Funny DogGender - An exclusive gender and the feeling of it can be quite complex, as one can feel like they have no gender or all genders at the same time or be somewhere in between. (which is somewhat similar to agender and pangender) This is often characterized by feelings of tiredness and or contentment. If one is FunnyDogGender then their sexuality is detached from their gender.

    Honeygender - A neurogender that is defined as "a gender that feels warm and soft, like a blanket, your favorite jacket, or your childhood home, and is childlike in nature. This gender feels comfort in the safety of trusting others and having the innocence of a little kid, with vague hints of masculinity/femininity/androgyny.

    Hoodiegender - A xenogender and neurogender defined as a gender that feels safe (especially to those with mental illnesses) and comforting, but also can be hiding something "underneath," or feel mysterious.

    Hypersgender - A neurogender that is influenced by someone's hypersexuality in some way, shape, or form. For example, one who is hypergender may feel as though being hypersexual causes this.

    Incubian - A xenogender gender related to incubi. This gender may have masculine and seductive energies, and is intended to be used by those with sexual religious trauma and/or hypersexuality.

    Itamigender - Itamigender falls under the umbrella term of demihuman, where a person experiences a disconnect with humanity due to trauma. As such, itamigender is exclusive to people who have suffered trauma.

    Jellyfigender - A Xenogender where someone has a strong connection or hyperfixation with jellyfish. This gender may be fluid. Jellyfigender may feel slimy or slippery, similar to how jellyfish are.

    Kotogender - An experience is a gender that falls under the umbrella of demihuman, where an individual experiences a disconnect with humanity due to neurodivergence.

    Lemondemonix - A neurogender and musicagender exclusive to autistic individuals and/or those with ADHD who feel that their gender is best described through music by Lemon Demon. This can be related to any/all of Lemon Demon's songs, albums, lyrics, instrumentals, and note/key progressions. It may or may not feel cryptid-like in nature and hard to contain, explain, or even conceptualize.

    Lunarboy - A xenogender that describes the experience of both boyhood and a deep connection to the moon. This connection may be due to alterhumanity or neurodivergency but it's not exclusive to those experiences.

    Luveratix - A feminine and masculine non-binary gender, influenced by one’s neurodivergence and related to feelings of optimism, innocence, and an intense desire to feel love in all its forms.

    Mihigender - A xenogender for those who feel like multiple aspects about themselves (such as attitude, personality, appearance, interests, hobbies, relationships, occupation/studies, neurodivergence, etc) influence their gender. It may also include those who connect to or find traits about themselves helpful for understanding their gender.

    Surskitgender - A Xenogender where one's gender is related in some way to the Pokémon Surskit.

    Other Identities

    Rabies pride - A movement/term for neurodivergent (mostly autistic) transgender individuals who are usually treated as if they are an animal, as if they have a contagious disease for being "too loud", "too hyper", "too much", etc.

    Polyamorous - A term under the ENM umbrella to describe the capability or desire to be in a relationship with more than one individual at once. Polyamorous can be used both as a description of a relationship with more than two individuals and as description of individuals who desire such relationships.

    Phrahmaic (Platonic and romantic) - An orientation where someone can experience attraction extremely fast for people. One who is phragmaic will experience attraction extremely fast and hard and love in a way that would take other people years to feel.

    Cedural Attraction - A form of potential and tertiary attraction that revolves around wanting to feel protected, covered, understood, tutored, and supported by someone else.

    Terms I've coined




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