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    Currently the word that best describes my sexuality is polysexual and gynecurious. If these confuse you, it means I'm attracted to men, most non-binary people and I'm open to experiences with women.

    Reclaimed terms

    Additionally, I like to reclaim and call myself cola, but don't refer to me as that if we aren't friends.

    Gender & Sex

    I've changed this description so many times that it's pointless to keep on lol. I'm just gonna show you the flags and let you ask questions if you want further clarification.

    Combination terms

    Gender presentation

    I consider myself to fall into mascandrogynous, rosboy and a twinkby. Some of these may seem contradictory, but I apply these to different parts of my presentation. Mascandrogynous matches my clothes, rosboy my personality and twinkby my body type. The contradiction also happens because my relationship to my presentation is fluid as well.

    Pronoun flags

    Other labels

    I like languages a lot, I speak English and Spanish and I'm currently semi-fluid in French. Speaking about my gender experience in two different languages has made me realize that I'm much more accostumed to talk about it in English, which allows me to feel much more comfortable in my non-binary-ness than in Spanish. This is why I also adopt the label of linguic. Similarly, religion (catholicism) and discrimination have also shaped my experience with gender and sexuality, which makes me relate to the experiences of religeic people.

    On top of all that, different people bring out different aspects of my gender, which makes me fit nicely into nativusgender as well.

    Terms I've coined/helped coin

    My Politics

    I'm not officialy a part of any particular political party, but if it tells you anything about me, I voted for the communist party, the green ecologist party and the libertarian socialists in my last election and I plann to vote for them again if things continue as they are in my country. I welcome everyone to speak to me, exchange opinions or ask questions if they wish to.

    Art Gallery

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