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    Hello! :D

    I'm Ecto and I am a ghost! b o o !

    I am aroace.

    I like to draw. :)

    I dislike the idea of having a physical form. :(

    I like snakes, frogs, turtles, and other reptiles :D

    My favorite games are Minecraft, Roblox, and People Playground :)

    Name and pronouns :]

    So I go by Ecto but you could also call me by my other name, Oculi

    My pronouns are: They/it or spiri/spir/spirself, ecto/ect/ectself and oculi/oculirs/oculirself

    (But any pronouns are ok, too ^^)

    Otherkin stuffs

    So, as you know I am a ghost, but I also am a shadow-ghost-demon mix thing :]

    I'm still trying to figure everything out, but my kintypes are sorta fluid. Like, one moment I could feel more ghost-like, and another I could feel like a hybrid of some kintypes (like a shadow-demon for example).

    Gender stuffs

    I am a xenohoarder of currently 38 genders :]

    My gender feels like a blob of all my genders and is sorta fluid but also not fluid, and it just sits there like a wobbly jello XD

    But, overall, I'd say my gender is mostly neutrois.

    here is list of my genders:

    Woah, that's a lot of genders! :D :O

    More Random Stuff

    I may or may not be active here.

    I'm still a little new to TW's and tone tags, but I'll try my best (if I'll ever post anything here)

    I probably won't post or comment too often because I am really anxious about social stuff (idk, it's hard to explain)

    ↑ (and this is why I have a hard time interacting with people) ↑

    Things that make me feel weird/uncomfy :[

    - Mouth sounds (chewing with mouth open, spitting sounds, ect.)

    - A needle/shot injected in someone (but regular needles doing nothing are fine, though)

    - Yelling/shouting (this makes me really anxious and worried)

    Things that make me feel happy :]

    - Ice cream/dessert

    - literally anything that is the colors green, blue, or purple

    - My frends :3

    End :]

    That's all! :D

    Profile Picture: https://picrew.me/share?cd=VJLsQIybqx

    Oculi Pronouns: http://www.pronouns.failedslacker.com/?subjective=oculi&object=oculir&possDet=oculirs&possPro=oculirs&reflexive=oculirself&name=Zip&person=ghost#pronounSelect

    Spiri Pronouns: http://www.pronouns.failedslacker.com/?subjective=spiri&object=spir&possDet=spirs&possPro=spirs&reflexive=spirself&name=Zip&person=ghost#pronounSelect

    Ecto Pronouns: http://www.pronouns.failedslacker.com/?subjective=ecto&object=ect&possDet=ects&possPro=ects&reflexive=ectself&name=Zip&person=ghost#pronounSelect

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