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    hello! please call me Delta! i go by they/xe/it. i'm non-binary, genderqueer, and i'm an oriented aroace. i like making posts, commenting, and occasionally making new terms and flags! if you are a homophobe/transphobe/etc. please get off my profile. i am armed with an axe, an eternity, a transmission, an army tank, and probably other stuff (see: inclusionist groups)

    stuffs about meh

    favorite color: mint green

    favorite song: flamingo legs

    favorite music artists: Lemon Demon, They Might Be Giants

    zodiac sign: pisces

    favorite quote: "amazing! we sent a square to the edge of space without rockets!"

    list of terms i use: asexual, aroflux, demiplatonic, panplatonic, genderqueer, cassgender, neopronoun user, oriented aroace, neutral, non-binary, fem-spike



    • any names ending in PlaysOG/PlayzOG
    • the phrases "you are not awesome" and "you are a lie"
    • saying "*hugs*" or "*kiss*" with a romantic tone, to me
    • swearing

    major triggers

    • NSFW images

    DNI list (tw: caps, homophobia, transphobia, everything ending in -phobia or -ist, fakeclaiming, transmed, sysmed, harmful identities, etc.)

    Cataclysmic Calamity Terra - the BEAURACRAT OF THIS WIKI. WARNED YOU TWICE. twice. and you still continue to invalidate systems. WHY?! you make me uncomfortable no matter what you do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASE do not interact with me.


    DNI with me if you:

    • are homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, or anything discriminatory and ending in -phobia or -ist.
    • support pedophiles, zoophiles, harmful identities in general
    • are transmed or sysmed
    • fakeclaim systems
    • support ANYTHING harmful to the LGBTQ+ community


    *clears vocal area*@aAaAaaAaAaaAaAAa@@A@AaAaAaAaAaAAAAAaAAaaAAaAaaAaAaAaA. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. *bows to empty theater* also you are cool (°▽°) -aspentheleafwing4

    askdfjynubuubgbugb I am c h a o s-StariiArts

    hi - @emberforst-cat

    nyanpasu! AAAAAAA - @Ako Crab Anime

    hi hi :3 - Wilbur (a questioning bur)

    helloooooo it's meeeeee -Jinx (pop/she/🎸) @TheRainyDays

    hello - thebigqueerpotato

    Hello! - Morningsky155

    hallo dood - le

    henlo :D - @theogsqueej

    You have good taste in music - Tangerine Demon

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