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    Introducing myself

    Name: Camila

    Gender: Female

    Pronouns: She/her. Sie/Ihr/Ihre/Sich. Sy/Har/Harsels. Ze/Haar/Zichzelf

    Sexuality: Gray ace / Gray-heterosexual / Demi, Aego still questioning A shade of gray :)

    Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic

    Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, playing the piano, imaginating stories, daydreaming, world building

    Main Aesthetic/s: Vintage, Spacecore

    Other aesthetics I like: Dark academia, Light Academia, Cottagecore, Science Academia.

    Sorry if you ever find grammatical errors, I'm a native Spanish speaker :]

    My kind of alter ego

    Sy is (almost) me, just cooler (and more ace, and more blonde) lol

    Names: Kami, Anna, Alba

    Gender: Genderfae


    This would be long bc I want so, sorry if it gives cringe...

    Main identities

    In who, I mainly identify as hetero or andro.

    In how, I identify as an asexual-spec and arromantic-spec (though not entirely).

    Orientation identities

    1. Hetero (romantic, sexual, idk)
    2. Androsexual?
    3. Uranic?
    1. Asexual-spec
    2. Arromantic-spec

    Sub / Micro-labels

    Ace spec identities

    1. Greysexual (not micro)
    2. Demisexual (not micro)
    3. Aegosexual
    4. Cupiosexual
    5. Apressexual

    Ones that gives me constant questioning

    1. Quoisexual
    2. Aceallo-unsure
    3. Propeestsexual
    4. Presexual
    5. Myrsexual
    1. Limnosexual
    2. Durasexual
    3. Aspectussexual
    4. Boreasexual

    Aro spec indentities

    1. Aro-allo unsure

    It gives me cringe to post this bc I'm a freaking unknown member but that's fine...

    Picrews :]

    Signature of the person who did this in the picture
    My Space Cutie (Spacecore)

    My "Cuties"

    My Cottagecore Cutie

    I love "face thing" picrews...

    My alter ego as a picrew

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