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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki

    Last updated: 7/3/2021


    “Always.” -Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games

    Basic Info

    Name: Stephanie

    Call me: Steph, Sapphy, Artistity

    Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them

    Age: 15

    Birthday: September 19th

    Birth Gender: Female


    Gender Identities

    Xenogender Identities

    Romantic Preferences

    Sexual Preferences

    Other Terms

    Retired Identities (I’m a termcollector)


    • making art
    • looking at art
    • figure skating (as a sport)
    • friends
    • swimming and skiing for fun
    • looking up weird shit about things that can’t be explained (especially space, like black holes and dark matter and stuff)



    Platonic (you can add or remove yourself from this list at any time)

    Personal DNI list, made for myself or else I won’t remember who asked me to leave them alone

    (you can remove or add yourself to this list at any time)

    • CrazyLace882
    • Hopefur09
    • Alora The Queen Of The Underworld
    • EslaFegamI404
    • Zhaorin
    • Thingamabon
    • TheAshSystem (unless admin assistance is needed)
    • EvGwyd
    • Chez Bacon
    • Wemrotung
    • CowsLoveCoffee
    • Ivydance (to an extent)
    • Theexpertlesbiannerd (unless admin assistance is needed)
    • NellyTubeYT (completely)
    • Zer0Rebel4
    • StariiArts (unless Admin assistance is needed)
    • Stardustcollective
    • NezuGachapon
    • MaxTheTransGuy (all of us)
    • Starism (all of us)
    • ThatAnnoyingDemigirl
    • Mourning morning
    • Tropical Pigeon
    • Wispofcloud (To an extent)
    • TheColorfulCrew (all of us)
    • Atlasjv (completely.)
    • Thebigqueerpotato

    Triggers & Sensitive Topics

    • Disrespect of political views, especially Right because that’s what I am. We can sit down and have a NICE convo if you’d like, but don’t come at me.
    • Disrespect of any religion. I’m Jewish and I am aware of the situation in Israel right now, just haven’t read into it or anything and I’m not associated with anyone who is participating.
    • Disrespect of other beliefs. I’m anti mask and anti vaxx. Again, we can always have a nice convo.
    • Disrespect of LGBTQ+ community (duh).
    • Gore


    • Pedophile
    • Racist
    • Sexist
    • Zoophile
    • You don’t like my beliefs to the point of wanting to come at me.
    • Homophobic
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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.