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    Hi. My name is Julia, but you can also call me Nova or Luna. My pronouns are She/Her, and I'm a Lesbian. Everything that I've stated above fluctuates, I'm not always a girl / lesbian / sapphic, but right now I am so that's what I'm putting here.

    Some other things you should know about me:

    • Masc and fem terms are ok. You can call me a boy at any time. Pet names are ok but only if you ask (just once is fine). Don't call me enby or hun / hon.
    • I'm a minor, and my family doesn't know that I'm Queer. You can still talk about Queer stuff or being Queer if we're PMing or voice calling though, it doesn't put my safety at risk.
    • I'm neurodivergent & because of that I'm very forgetful, so if you think I should put a TW/CW or tonetag please tell me, I won't be rude about it. Also, please use tonetags with me.
    Here are some of my interests. If I like anyone or anything problematic, please tell me so I can properly hold them accountable, or stop associating myself with them.
    K-pop Video Games Content Creators/TV Shows
    Twice (MiMoSa + OT9) Poptropica Good Mythical Morning
    Loona (OEC + OT12) Roblox CopsHateMoe
    Seventeen (Jun + OT13) Club Penguin The Amazing World of Gumball
    Aespa (OT4) Toontown Chowder

    Please TW:

    • Transphobia, Transmisogyny, TERFs/TWERFs, and Transmedicalism
    • Panphobia / General M-spec exclusion
    • Queer discourse
    • Invalidation of Queer labels
    Also, if you purposefully try to trigger me with any of these things I promise that I won't care /srs. I have tons of other triggers, but I won't list them because I'm not sure if TWs outside of general ones are really needed on public posts.

    That's it. If you don't want me to interact with you, let me know on my message wall. Have a nice day ^^. /gen /pos

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.