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    I'm Andie/Blurrie, a minor and I use ☁️/☁️ and am looking for more pronouns partly because I want others to not invalidate my existing pronoun sets and also because it's interesting to discover new pronouns. I'm an ARMY, which means I'm a stan of BTS. A stan, although the dictionary defines it as a stalker-fan, it means that you are a superfan of a group and can be used as a verb. I'm trying to get into Enhypen, E'last and TXT. I kin Percy Weasley from Harry Potter and after finding out all the issues in Harry Potter, I hardly consider myself a Potterhead, it was also coupled with the fact that I forgot most of the information and trivia in the series. I can be found on other wikis too.

    I try to delete old messages on my wall.

    Please refrain from using Korean honorifics if you are not speaking Korean or quoting someone. It's weird.


    • ☁️/☁️/☁️s/☁️s/☁️self
    • nine/nine/nine/nines/nineself


    • Aromantic, maybe cupioromantic/demiromantic attracted to men
    • Asexual, aegosexual/imagesexual

    Genders (may not be entirely me)

    • Fluffy-cloudgender
    • Gxnderfluix
    • Alexigender
    • Spacialian

    DNI if you...

    • You're against religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Christianism, et cetera.
    • You believe being LGBTA is a sin/wrong.
    • You don't support LGBTA folks.
    • You think disabilities/neurodivergence/queer identities are quirky or fun.
    • You think those with paraphilic disorders like pedophilia and zoophilia are inherently evil and can never control themselves.
    • You use terms like 'psychopath', 'sociopath', 'narcissist', et cetera in a demonising way and/or a joke.
    • You're against neopronouns, xenogenders, nounself and emojiself pronouns.
    • You're anti sex-work, slut-shame or use terms like 'hoe' and 'whore' as insults.
    • You use slurs that you can't reclaim.
    • You support All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter.
    • You think gender dysphoria is necessary to be trans.
    • You ship idols and think they are actually together and create content of them.
    • You think K-pop is stupid and call it gay poop.
    • You think certain kinnies (people who relate to a character) are bad because the character is.
    • You are pro-life.

    Add your username here if you want me to DNI

    Fandoms (people beside are my favourites)

    • DEATH NOTE, Light Yagami
    • CARDCAPTOR SAKURA, Yukito Tsukishiro and Yue
    • SAILOR MOON, Michiru Kaioh
    • BTS, Jimin
    • MY HERO ACADEMIA, Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyoruzu, Sirius

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