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    User:A questioning bur

    ask me anything about any of my opinions (as long as it's a nice civilized chat), I would love to talk

    Pfp is drawn by me, he's my sona and has the exact same labels, pronouns and names as me

    feel free to message me if you want me to draw you something (I don't draw humans)

    。*゚.*.。(っ ᐛ )っ❂ Greetings ❂

    hihi, Eyup, just a friendly visitor! would you like some blue?

    pluto is a planet

    tone tags are appreciated

    i kinda have a unstable identity and I might me in a aggressive mood for a while or something, and have changing interest

    ✬ important ✬

    I just recently found out about tone indicators but I’m super bad at even remembering to use them

    I normally try to use faces like :D and :)/:3 to try and help convey my tone

    ✧ info ✧

    Konpeito Very colour mmm

    I desire to be a starry enderman ghost and live in a galactic train and grow sentient mushrooms and eat cherry flavored star bits (konpeitō)!

    now I also want to be a ram/black cat/primordial goo

    Ꮚ・ꈊ・Ꮚ /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\ [ↀ ↀ]

    pronouny: https://pronouny.xyz/u/a%20questioning%20bur

    ------------------------------- 4̵̢̲̖̙͘0̶͓̳̩̙̱̤̻͓͈͌̅͑̈̽͒̅4̵̨͕̠͎̀̽̈́̏̋͋̚̕

    *•.¸,¤°´.。.:* names/pronouns *.:。.`°¤,¸.•*

    im Nomifluid

    Name you can always use: Wilbur

    names I've used: laneway/Lin/Alistar/Alias/Holliday/Zephyr [zephyrus]/matthias/soot/krypto/Angus [I also love any W names as long as it’s masculine leaning]

    weird names: abstract, fragment, glass, bit, relic, rune, hollow, rhinestone, metropolis, origin, orb, arcade, joystick, click, soda

    nickname/names I'd like to use: ram, fish, pixel, cog, triangle, ender, ghost, wii, E, particle, phase, kazoo, Capricorn, ticket, abstract, koi, Pluto, Mute, Sludge, Slime, Glass, Mite, blue, box, starbit, fragment, egg, soot, ticket, fizz, raz, eightball, dice

    feel free to use any pronouns

    My top Pronouns: he/him, nameself

    i am ok with most pronouns but please don’t overuse she/her, and please refrain from using it/its on me, thank you ^ω^

    ⍣ labels ⍣

    §.•´¨'°÷•..× attraction ×..•÷°'¨´•.§

    Asexual, Aromantic (Aroflux?), Omni/Panaesthetic,

    ✩ gender ✩

    Transmasculine, Autogender, Demiboy

    ༻ other ༺

    Aldernic, Quoiromantic, Soft Romo, Ambiamorous

    ꙳ xenos ꙳

    Endergender, Ghostgender (Xenogender), Arcadegender, Ramboy, Soft-Stormgender, Constellahian, Astranoirian, Slimeaeic

    ✰ other ✰



    if you don't want me to interact please state why here


    Hello friendd!!! ~ The tea system

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