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    The they/them lesbian flag
    An alternative, 5 stripe they/them lesbian flag
    An alternative they/them lesbian flag.
    Another alt they/them lesbian flag by flower-lesbienne

    A they/them lesbian or theysbian refers to a lesbian who uses they/them pronouns. Those pronouns can be exclusive or one can be multipronoun. It is a more specific form of pronoun non-conformity and crosspronoun usage. It is a common lesbian experience to feel disconnected from womanhood due to womanhood often being defined by relationships with men. Similar to how lesbians might go by masculine/androgynous names, present as butch, or otherwise gender non-conforming, a lesbian may refer to themselves by they/them to express this disconnect from their gender.

    There also exists neopronoun gays, neopronoun lesbians, he/him lesbians, she/her gays, it/its lesbians, it/its gay people and they/them gay people.


    The they/them lesbian flag was designed by Tumblr user Wuvsbian on June 12th, 2018 as a followup to the he/him lesbian flag.[1] The rainbow was used to encompass all the different ways they/them lesbians interact and express themselves and their lesbian and gender identity.

    The second alternate flag was designed by DeviantArt user flower-lesbienne.


    1. https://wuvsbian.tumblr.com/post/175827224082/noodle-theythem-lesbian-flag-my-hehim?is_related_post=1
    2. https://r00.tumblr.com/post/619851798094774272/updated-theythem-and-hehim-lesbian-flags-since
    They/Them Lesbian by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt
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