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    this isn't just biased it's incorrect. transmeds are people who believe being trans is a medical thing both tucutes and truscum can be transmed. truscum believe you need dysphoria to be trans, this can be a small amount of hardly noticeable dysphoria, life-threatening dysphoria, or anywhere in between. There's plenty of GNC transmeds and truscum who are also respectful. 

    these people mostly believe that enbys are valid as long as they experience gender incongruence/dysphoria. they also believe transtrenders are an actual issue because most of the time people are being pushed to transition without taking the time to think it through, or because there are people like Trisha paytas or Carissa Pinkston who falsely came out as trans due to it being considered trendy and a good way to get attention. 

    truscum don't believe you need or want to fully medically transition to be considered trans they however often believe that you should want to alleviate dysphoria in some way shape or form. they acknowledge that not everyone has the time, support. or money to fully transition. 

    a lot of the dysphoria debate stems from people not liking the words that are used, truscum often think of incongruence (the disconnect between gender and sex) and dysphoria (the distress that usually comes with incongruence) as the same thing.

    of course, there are bad truscum and transmeds. but there's also bad tucutes, these include the people that misgender, su*cide bait, send death threats, and harass people who they don't like or people who disagree with them. I've seen an equal amount of people do this on all sides of the argument.

    coming from a transmed tucute who used to be a truscum, overall this entire page is biased, stupid, and wrong. trying to spread information about a group because you don't like them is really gross. 

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