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    Talk:A-Spec Exclusionist/@comment-2600:8800:4780:2990:F02C:197E:2B05:82E4-20191208054938

    I'm not saying that there's no way every exclusionist doesn't meet some of this criteria, because it's an huge group of people, but a lot of these claims are extremely unfounded and you should at the least provide sources so people know where you're getting your information. Saying even that many exclusionists are TERFs or truscum is a bold claim, and in my experience, dismissive of many anti-transmed and anti-TERF trans "exclusionist" people I'm familiar with.

    Saying that "exclusionists often dislike anyone who is not strictly [x label] and don't like the q word because it's 'too inclusive'" is also incredibly reductive, editorializing, and misrepresentative of the argument.

    I don't really care about ace discourse itself, but your understanding of gender and sexuality is immaterial and eclectic. The reason that people bristle at heterosexual, cisgender aces (which in my experience don't really exist anyway?) hypothetically being in LGBT spaces is because they don't experience homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, or transmisogyny. Those are the material conditions that created the community as a coalition. If you don't experience any of those... you're not LGBT, and you're not queer. I would strongly recommend anyone on this page research Marxism and class analysis, because those are the ways society is organized and how we are subjugated. Ace people may exist and have a community and face interpersonal discrimination, sure, I am technically asexual and know what that's like, but ace people do not constitute a class of people like women do or trans people do and thus are not OPPRESSED as a CLASS. People might be rude to you or bull you because they don't understand, it's just a different force than class subjugation.

    I don't expect you to engage with me in good faith, but I have written this as an attempt to present an opposing opinion to any impressionable or curious people reading. There are better, more comprehensive ways of viewing society and oppression.

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