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    The soft romo flag.

    Soft Romo is a term used by a-spec communities to describe a relationship that is a "low level romantic relationship". It is typically somewhere in between a romantic relationship and queerplatonic relationship, with the parties having some amount of romantic feelings and/or romantic actions, but not fully, as seen in "normal" romantic relationships.

    Soft romo relationships typically occur when one partner is romantically attracted to the other and the other is not, or when one or both partners have fluctuating levels of attraction, or tolerance for romantic activities, or boundaries that make a typical romantic relationship not realistic.

    A soft romo crush can be called a "fluff," so one may say "I have a fluff on ___" or "I'm in a fluff."


    Alternate soft romo flag

    The soft romo flag was proposed by mogaiqueersources on Dec 22nd, 2018[1]. The color meanings are as follows: Blue represents those who experience alterous attraction, whether aro-spec or not. White represents the wide spectrum of experiences that aro-spec indivduals and their partners have; their preference/tolerance for romance/romantic acts and lack of traditional romance/romantic acts in the relationship; hence the “soft”. Pink represents those who experience romantic attraction to some degree, attraction that occurs at some times but not always, attraction that is dependent on certain circumstances, or fluid/flux attraction, and those who are willing to participate in and/or are tolerable of romantic acts and/or relationships. The pink is also to acknowledge the presence of an aro-spec person’s partner(s), who may or may not be alloromantic, and the romance and/or lack of between them. Green to represent those in the aromantic spectrum.

    The alternative flag was coined by a user going by Adora on December 15th, 2020. It follows similar color schemes to the original flag, and holds the same meanings. It was also made with similarities to the semiship flag, as it is a subset to semiship.