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    The social attraction flag.

    Social attraction, also known as interpersonal attraction, is a form of tertiary attraction, defined as “aspirational” or mentor-attractional desire to be closer to and/or more like someone because of their perceived talent and/or wisdom, based on socializing with any particular individual(s) or group(s), forming social relationships, interpersonal/group dynamics and societal relations.

    This could specify the need of social relationships within the public life sphere, showing themselves as socially closer and more alike to you might inspire this form of attraction in you.[1]

    A social crush may be called a rush.[2] Rushes (or other social contacts) are not essentially friend(ship)s, which is why sociality is separated from platonism/platonicity and amicality.[3]

    Those who don’t experience social attraction may be called asocial.[4]


    The social attraction flag was created by Fandom user foreigntoolmaker on May 25th, 2021. It was inspired by the asocial flag created by Alex. The gray represents feeling social attraction in a wide variety of ways, white represents societal standards towards social attraction, blue represents forming social relationships, and the thin middle stripe represents rushes.


    Social attraction has been encouraged throughout history, especially by teachers and parents. A study was published on it in 1973, further increasing visibility.[5] It began to be used by a-spec individuals on the English AVEN in 2009-2010[6] and Spanish AVEN forum in 2014-2015 and was translated into English by Tumblr user neutrois-maverique-blog in 2018.[7][8]