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    The shadowturian flag by sir-eldritch.
    The original shadowturian flag by ashix0trender0juice (now deleted).
    Shadowturian flag redesign by thepokedexisgay.
    The shadowachillean/shadowvincian flag by thepokedexisgay.

    Shadowturian (or shadowveldian or shadowfloric and originally coined as shadowvincian) is an orientation affected by the fact one is transfeminine, a trans woman, transneutral, nonbinary, or just not a man (includes multigender and genderfluid/genderflux/fluidflux folks), as they either are dysphoric about being called a man, and/or experience a disconnection from traditional manhood. They may describe their attraction as any of the following: WLM; WLNB; WLX; NBLM; NBLNB; NBLX, etc – but they don’t identify their labels as MLM; MLNB; or MLX due to reasons listed above. With a multigender and/or genderfluid/genderflux/fluidflux identity, one feels not straight when with a man and/or has a fluctuating level of dysphoria where they may sometimes view their attraction as achillean/turian/vincian/floric in nature, or as MLM; MLNB; MLX. To express that disconnection, the prefix shadow- is used. It can also be called shadowachillean (or shadowvincian if one uses vincian for non-exclusive MLM attraction).

    This term also includes those whose orientation is fluid and/or flux. They may not 100% identify with the label turian due to barely experiencing attraction to men (or in general), having an attraction to men that feels turian but also not, having an attraction to men that is fluid between queer and queern't, and/or experiencing attraction through a turian or achillean/vincian lens.

    In simpler terms, a shadowturian may be defined as the following:

    1. Being multigender and/or genderfluid/genderflux/fluidflux but never MLM, yet feeling like their attraction to men is gai.
    2. Being m-spec and not MLM, yet feeling a connection to the label.
    3. Being too dysphoric about being called a man/boy/being thought of as one, yet being either NBLM, WLM or XLM with a connection to the turian label.
    4. Having a fluid/flux orientation where one is not 100% a turian for whatever reason that may be, but one retains a connection to the turian label.
    5. Feeling as though one is a turian, but also not.[1]


    The shadow- orientations (shadowlesbian, shadowgay, and shadowturian) were first coined by Tumblr user ashix0trender0juice on 19 July 2020, with shadowenbian and shadowstraight being coined later.[2] The flags were made around the same time. The blog has been deleted, but the user remade as sir-eldritch. The flags were also redesigned and posted on 27 June 2022.[1]

    A redesign of the shadow- flags, including a shadowachillean/shadowvincian flag, were created by Tumblr user thepokedexisgay. The shadowturian redesign was posted on 27 February 2021[3], and the shadowachillean/shadowvincian flag was posted 28 February 2021.[4] Note that thepokedexisgay uses floric as their primary gay man term, and vincian for their non-exclusive mlm term.


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