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    The represtemor flag.
    An alternate represtemor flag.

    Represtemor is where one has an immense fear of experiencing subconscious blockage of any types of attraction. Represtemor can be used for any form of attraction: aesthetic, sensual, sexual, etc.

    This label is meant to be used when this fear is actively affecting one's orientation. Some of the experiences may include (but are not limited to):

    • Having realized that they're supres-, which then in turn made them represtemor too.
    • Suppressing feelings due to the fear of other feelings being repressed, almost as if there's ‘no point’ in feeling certain types of attraction.
    • Feeling unsure of their ‘true’ feelings, to the point of almost constant self doubt about their orientation(s).
    • Feeling as if how one feels isn't accurate or correct due to being afraid that they feel differently subconsciously and just don't know about it.

    This label is intended for those who have experienced/are experiencing trauma of some kind, but is not exclusive for them.

    Represtemor is a subset of repres- (repressexual/represromantic).


    The term was coined by Reddit user u/hiitsyaz on July 2, 2021. Both its flags were designed by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs on July 3, 2021.


    The name for represtemor comes from the word ‘temor’ which means fear in Spanish, and repres-, which comes from the word 'repression'. Combined, this creates 'fear of repression', which is essentially the definition of this orientation.

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