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    The queeragamic flag.

    Queeragamic is a term for a deep, emotional connection that transcends common conceptions of friendships and their importance but does not involve sexual acts.[1] It can also be described as a queerplatonic relationship that does not involve sex.


    The term has been criticized by may people in the a-spec community, particularly those in the aromantic allosexual community. Reason for such include:

    • In the coining post the coiner appears to express discomfort at possibly being associated with people who have sex, which echoes exclusionary sentiments of asexuals feeling uncomfortable in shared asexual and aromantic spaces due to alloaros simply existing.[2] The term "non-sexual qpr" could have been used, but the creation of a new term seems to reflect that the coiner doesn’t want to be potentially associated with alloaros even in an abstract way.
    • The existence of the term implies that queerplatonic relationships are inherently sexual, which is untrue.
    • No single word will ever be able to communicate exactly what one wants in a relationship. The term may be used as a excuse not to communicate with one's partner about what activities they are comfortable with in their relationship.
    • The term makes a direct, intentional reference to asexual reproduction, which is a concept used to perpetuate stereotypes about asexuals.
    • The coiner refused to respond to any criticism of the term, calling it all “hate.”[3]


    The term was coined on January 17, 2020 by Tumblr user queerplatonicpositivity.[4] The term comes from "queer" from queerplatonic, and "agamic", a term in biology referring to reproduction without sex.


    The flag was created at the same time as the term. Yellow symbolizes platonic relationships. Light teal is a mixture of colors that blends the calm of blue with the renewal of green. Lavender symbolizes queerness. Dark grey symbolizes a mixture of black for asexual and lighter grey for demisexual and greyasexual identities.


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