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    The omniaspec flag.
    by FANDOM users Octopus27 and frog27
    An alternative omniaspec flag.
    Alt Omniaspec flag by crayonpuppy.x

    Omniaspec (or omnaspec) is a descriptor for when one's orientation is a-spec for every type of attraction.[1]


    Another omniaspec flag.

    A-spec, in this case, refers to the whole anattractional spectrum, rather than just aro and ace spectrums. This means omniaspec individuals are also apl-spec, asen-spec, and on the nonaesthetic, analt-spec, atertiary-spec, and other anattractional spectrums.[2]

    It's different from panaspec in the sense that panaspec is specifically suptilic a-spec in all attractions, whereas omniaspec encompasses amplusic a-specs, such as mesi asexuals/aromantics, angled aroaces, and those who are on grey areas of the a-spectrum, such as greyplatonics.[3]


    Another omniaspec flag.

    The term and first flag were coined by Tumblr user arco-pluris on March 16, 2018.[4]

    An alternative flag was devised by FANDOM users frog27 and Octopus27 on July 21, 2021. The first 3 stripes (black, grey, and white) are the same as in most a-spec flags and stand respectively for the lack of attraction, a restricted/conditioned attraction (grey and demi), and the community.

    The next two stripes (yellow and orange) are the same as in the most common and official aroace flag and represent the lacking or restricted romantic and sexual attraction.

    The last stripe represents the lacking/restricted tertiary attraction. The color, brick red, is a mix of the four colors in the tertiary attraction flag (blue, yellow, orange, and pink).

    This flag is also called “fireflag”.


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