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    The neurodullboy flag.
    An alternate neurodullboy flag.
    Another alternate neurodullboy flag.

    Neurodullboy is a neurogender connected to masculinity while being dull and muted due to neurodivergence. Neurodivergence can cause a disconnect from gender, which makes it dull and muted. Basically, being a dullboy due to neurodivergence. This gender might change, fluctuate, or any combination of genderlessness and masculine gender(s). One might identify as demiboy, pixelboy, non-binary boy, libramasculine, agender masculine, bxy, or any other non-binary masculine genders to better understand their gender. One might also identify as agender/neutrois, or as a boy/man.


    The term was coined by Tumblr user themogaidragon on July, 29, 2021, inspired by the terms neuroboy and dullboy.[1]


    All flags were designed by Tumblr user themogaidragon. The first and second flags are the neuroboy flag but recolored with the dullboy flag's colors. The third neurodullboy flag is the dullboy flag with a black infinity symbol to symbolize neurodivergence.