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    The neptunic flag with a simplified picture of Neptune.
    Alternate neptunic flag
    4 stripe neptunic flag
    Another 4 stripe neptunic flag by a Tumblr user who wishes to remain anonymous.
    4-stripe neptunic flag by ElderflowerJuice
    Another 4-stripe neptunic flag by ElderflowerJuice
    Another alternate neptunic flag

    Neptunic or Nomascsexual is the attraction to women, feminine non-binary individuals, and neutral non-binary individuals. It can also be described as attraction to all genders except men and/or man-aligned/masculine-aligned non-binary individuals. This orientation is mostly used by non-binary individuals to describe their attraction without relying on the gender binary, but can be used by anyone. The term can be used as an identity on its own or combined with other orientations.

    Similar terms include trixensexual, trixic, venusic, nomasexual , and nominsexual. The masculine equivalent to neptunic is uranic. The non-binary equivalent is saturnic.

    History and Flags

    The term neptunic was coined by Tumblr user socialjusticeichigo/loud-and-queer on August 31, 2017[1][2] as a shorter term for nomascsexual. They later created the neptunic flag on September 17, 2017.[3] The flag variant with a simplified photo of Neptune was designed by wikia FANDOM user Elderflowerjuice on June 20, 2021.[4]

    User strwbryfemme on Twitter made an alternate neptunic flag on or before July 4, 2021. The flag was created to have a higher contrast for art, the same designer made a 4 stripe version for the same reason.[5] @strwbryfemme's flags should be used with caution as fawn has a history of exclusionism against m-spec lesbians.[6][7]

    2 other 4-striped versions of the neptunic flag were made by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on July 27, 2021[8]

    The fourth alternate flag was designed by user residentperson on or before July 6, 2021. The pink to yellow colors represent the spectrum of attraction from women to nonbinary individuals.[9]


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