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    The musegender flag

    Musegender is a type of genderfluidity in which someone feels their gender identity is influenced by what character(s) they are currently musing (i.e. characters that one is currently drawing, writing about, roleplaying as, performing as, cosplaying, etc.), or feel a deeper connection or attachment with a character in which one might adopt their character’s gender identity into their own.

    Alternative musegender flag. Genderfluid flag, also by snowsorry.

    Some might feel most comfortable with using the same pronouns as the character they are musing, or switch between preferred pronouns. Such as the character being male, one might feel more inclined to use masculine pronouns such as he/him, and so on.


    Musegender was coined on December 9, 2016 by bad-music on tumblr[1]. While the original definition may be a troll creation, the term has since been reclaimed and used to genuinely express one's gender identity.


    The Musegender flag was created by Twitter user snowsorry on September 22, 2020[2]

    The alternate musegender flag was designed by Twitter user snowsorry.