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    the moonstone collector flag :)
    The Moonstone collector flag.

    A Moonstone Collector is a termcollector who collects feminine and non-binary genders, but not masculine genders. This includes non-binary, xenine, outherine, maverique, neutrois, non-trinary, feminine, partially feminine or female, agender, and female genders. A moonstone collector may be fluid between their collected genders, experience all of them at once, or flux between them. They can experience their genders in any way.

    Moonstone Collectors collect both feminine and nonbinary genders. A Moonstone collector could not collect only female genders or only non-binary non-masculine genders. Moonstone collectors don't have to collect all of the non-masculine genders, either.

    Moonstone collectors could:

    • Be nonbinary people who usually only expecience nonbinary genders, but feel some feminine terms, such as "lunarian", express their upbringing as female, female experiences, or connection to feminine genders fit them.
    • Be feminine or female people who experience mostly female/feminine genders that are also non-binary/ not precisely female/feminine. An example of this is a feminine/female person identifying as multiple labels such as Juxera or Paragirl
    • Be people who do not experience fully nonbinary or fully female genders, instead experiencing many "in-between" forms (such as demigirls or demigirlflux people).
    • Be people who experience both feminine and nonbinary/nontrinary genders in any way.

    Moonstone collector is not an exclusive term.

    The masculine and nonbinary versions are Sunstone Collector and Starrystone Collector.


    The Moonstone Collector flag was designed on April 2nd, 2021. The blue-purple stripes represent femininity/varying femininity. The yellow stripes represent nonbinary or neutral genders and their range. The white stripe represents xenic, agender, and outherine genders. The pink stripe is the color femininity is most usually associated with. The emblem, a moon-and-star image, is used to represent both nonbinary/nontrinary and feminine/female gender experiences.


    The term was coined by user milky jirin aeris to describe their gender experience the same day the flag was created.

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