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    The mid-binary flag.
    The mid-binary symbol.

    Mid-binary, also known as MB and mby, refers to a spectrum of genders between the binary genders and non-binary spectrum. This spectrum of genders contains those who have both a binary gender and a non-binary gender fused into one single gender. Mid-Binary persons may feel full connections to both genders at once or as one. This is different from being multigendered because multigender means to have multiple genders at varying times or all at once. Mid-binary persons have both genders act as one and they recognize their genders to be one instead of multiple. They have a fusion of two genders, and they are not always separate from each other. They are not 100% female and are not 100% male.

    Mid-Binary is always included under the transgender umbrella but some do not wish to be included, those people may simply call themselves mid-binary, midbinary, midby or mbys.

    Mid-Binary Identities

    One may identify as mid-binary by itself but for some, they may identify as the many genders under this category. That is to say that any fusion between a binary gender (man or woman) and a non-binary gender into one gender identity can be classified under mid-binary. Some of these include:

    Mid-binary specific orientations are:

    Flags and Symbols

    The Mid-Binary flag was created May 17, 2021 by user @impapka on Twitter. It was created for thir own private gender spectrum before being posted publicly on the internet in hopes people would resonate with it and the spectrum's description of gender. The flag contains both the binary flag and the non-binary flag. Blue meaning manhood, Pink meaning womanhood, white meaning all colors and all genders under the flag, yellow for being outside the normal binary and non-binary, purple for fluidity and unity of gender and black for absence of gender.

    There are many symbols under this category but the common symbol for mid-binary is two circles with a line crossed through, going left to right. It was created in 2021 as well. This symbolizes the two spectrum's, binary and non-binary. The smaller circle, the binary, is being separated by the line which symbolizes mid-binary. Mid-binary being in the middle.


    1. Non-Binary
    2. Binary Genders
    3. https://twitter.com/midbinary
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