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    The miaspec flag.

    The miagender spectrum or miaspec is an umbrella term for anyone on the "male" viabinary-to-binary spectrum. This includes anyone whose gender is male/wergender, partly male (but not partly fiaspec), male-aligned or adjacent, boyflux, or is similar to or in some way resembles maleness.

    It is similar to, but not necessarily the same as mingender. Mingender includes genders that are related to masculinity, but are not necessarily related to maleness. Miaspec includes genders that are related to maleness (even if they are not masculine). They do not necessarily have to identify with notions of masculinity or be masculine-aligned. Examples of miagenders may include: binary boys, non-binary boys, solarians, demiboys, xoys, alteboys, masculenbies, etc. Miagender can also be used as a gender on its own.

    The state of having a miagender or having a gender which exists on the miagender spectrum is called miaty.


    Miaspec was coined by momma-mogai-sphinx on March 24, 2019.[1] The flag was created on October 2, 2019.[2] The term was created as a shorter way to say "men, individuals who are partially men, or are man-aligned".