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    stockphotomanonastick's lovequeer flag
    simplified stockphotomanonastick's lovequeer flag
    neopronouns's lovequeer flag
    oceanicaliens's lovequeer flag

    Lovequeer refers to one fully rejecting the concept of “love” as society applies it for romance, and to redefine the word around oneself and the types of love neglected by amatonormativity.

    It may or may not fall under the term lovepunk.


    Lovequeer was coined by Tumblr user raimi on November 12th, 2020.[1]


    There is no 'official' lovequeer flag. The green-red flag was designed by Tumblr user stockphotomanonastick on April 13, 2021[2], with the dark green stripe symbolising aromantic spectrum, light green stripe family love, white platonic love, pink self love and the red one passion. The simplified version featured light green for family love, white for platonic love and pink for self love/passion.

    A similar green-red flag with a yellow rose was created by Tumblr user shyjusticewarrior on July 6th, 2021[3]. Both of these flags have been critisised for their similarity to the abrosexual flag.

    Another flag was designed by Tumblr user neopronouns on July 22nd, 2021[4], featuring colors pink, orange, and light yellow to represent nonromantic types of love and general queering of the concept of love and shades of grey to represent rejection of the idea that love is romantic.

    Another alternate flag was created by Tumblr user oceanicaliens on August 23rd, 2021[5], with the color purple for queerness, pink for love and rejection of societal standards around it, white for spectrum and community, the blue stands for solidarity, and the green for aroness and the importance of it within the community.


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