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    Loquisexual flag

    Loquisexual is an ace-spec orientation for when one's needs individual interaction with another individual before sexual attraction is felt. Loquisexuals need to be able to talk or at least interact with someone before they are able to feel sexual attraction towards that individual. The romantic version is loquiromantic, where individualal interaction with another individual must be felt before romantic attraction.

    It is important to note that just because a loquisexual individual knows someone that does not automatically mean that they are attracted to that individual, it only means that their is a potential to feel attraction. A loquisexual individual could also be allosexual depending on the frequency of attraction that is felt. For some loquisexuals, they only feel attraction very rarely, thus they would be ace-spec, but for others, attraction is frequent and felt often, thus they would not be ace-spec.

    Loquisexuality may overlap with, but is is not the same as demisexuality because demisexuals require a close connection to someone while loquisexuals only need to interact with them before attraction is felt. Loquisexuality also is similar to but not the same as noetisexuality because one does not need to have a mental or intellectual connection with the individual before attraction is felt.


    The term was coined on January 6th, 2021 by noattractiononlyfroggie on the LGBTA+ Wiki. The flag was made at the same time with the help of Dxxnkichu. The baby blue at the top of the flag represents communication and interaction while the white represents the need for interaction before any attraction can be felt. The gray in the middle represents the "gray-space" that can be felt in some a-spec people, also meaning that loquisexuality fits under grey-asexuality in the asexual spectrum. The two shades of purple at the bottom represent the asexual aspect of loquisexuality as well as purple are seen as the ace colors.

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