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    Laimoplatonic flag by Rat0Meat
    simplified Laimoplatonic flag by crayonpuppy.x

    Laimoplatonic is an apl-spec identity where one is unsure if they're on the aplatonic spectrum because they're not sure what platonic attraction is. It is a specific subset of quoiplatonic. Examples of laimoplatonic experiences includes:

    1. Not being able to distinguish between platonic attraction and other forms of attraction (romantic, aesthetic, etc.)
    2. Being unsure what platonic attraction “feels like" or how it applies to oneself
    3. Being able to use external sources to determine what platonic attraction objectively feels like, but not having any internal ways to know when one is feeling platonic attraction
    4. Someone who generally doesn't understand what the concept of attraction of any kind means to them, and so can't tell whether they feel platonic attraction
    5. Someone who has difficulty distinguishing between platonic attraction, platonic relationships, and different kinds of platonic acts, so they can't tell if they experience platonic attraction or if they experience something else
    6. Anyone who doesn't understand what platonic attraction is and/or feels like, and because of that, they don't know whether they feel platonic attraction and can't determine any specifications to their attraction

    History and Etymology

    Laimoplatonic was coined by FANDOM user Rat0Meat, inspired by Reign of the breadsticcs' laimoromantic and laimosexual, on May 29, 2021. It is derived from the Yoruba word "laimo" meaning "unsure".

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