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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki

    This is largely a copy of the New Page Guidelines.

    The LGBTA+ Wiki is intended to be a resource to learn about sexualities and genders, particularly those that don't have much information about them online. Before you start writing an article read this page to make sure the page is relevant, and allowed on this wiki.

    1. Articles must be about an identity in the LGBT+ community or terminology relevant to the LGBT+ community.
    2. Articles must follow the community guidelines.
    3. Articles cannot promote hate speech, this includes anything that promotes TERF, truscum, or exclusionist ideology or anything that implies that these ideologies are legitimate. Making such articles will result in an indefinite ban.
    4. Absolutely no "joke pages" or "satire pages". These pages will be treated as hate speech, regardless of intentions.
    5. No pages that imply pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia or similar are LGBT+. These will be treated as hate speech.
    6. No pages about kinks, fetishes, BDSM terms, or similar are allowed.
    7. No identities that were created with the purpose of passive-aggressively complaining about another identity.
    8. No pages for attractions to non-human/non-humanoid/non-human representational things/objects or specific subcategories of objectum.
    9. No pages that are [specific person]sexual or [specific small group of people]sexual, real or fictional.
    10. No pages that are [specific character]gender, with the definition "a connection to [character]". Unless the definition is more complex then that the page will be deleted.
    11. Absolutely no pages that are [real life person]gender or [real life group of people]gender.
    12. No pages for individual pronoun sets.
    13. No pages for alternate spellings or alternate names of terms that already have a page, unless it's a redirect.
    14. No pages specifically or a flag or an alternate flag.
    15. No pages for individuals, couples, or small groups.
    16. This is not a social media platform. Do not make a page to promote discord servers, social media accounts, or other websites.
    17. No WIP pages or pages that are missing important information.

    Additional Reasons for Deletion

    1. If the definition is identical to a pre-existing term then the page may be deleted.
    2. A pronoun set is not a gender. Any "gender" pages that are just defined as someone who uses a given pronoun set will be deleted.
    3. If the page is incomprehensible it will be deleted.
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