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    A standard flag fit with a broad muted purple on top, a thin stripe of muted green on either side of a thin white stripe, and a pastel pink on the bottom
    The petalgender flag by pinklopbunny.

    Petalgender is a gender identity that looks like it’s fragile, but is rather durable for its looks.

    A second, independent coining of Petalgender by Tumblr user pinklopbunny defines it as a fluid non-binary xenogender between states of neutrality, femininity, xeninity, and being unaligned. It's connected to non-physical beings, an overgrown cottagecore aesthetic, and small animals. It can be described as cute, small, delicate, soft, anxious, and related to muted pastels. Often, those who are petalgender may not be able to explain their gender due to neurodivergence, and may be considered genderfluid, genderdoe, and/or agender.


    The original petalgender flag.
    Multiple subtypes can be applied at a time; however, if the animal one relates to fluctuates, petalflux would fit. These subsets were created along with the pinklopbunny's coining of petalgender.

    History and Flags

    Petalgender was originally coined by Tumblr user ashix0trender0juice.[1] The original petalgender flag was created by the same user on the same date.

    Petalgender was later independently coined by Tumblr user pinklopbunny on or before September 18th, 2021, along with multiple subsets: petalbun, petaldoe, petalmouse, petalcat, petalduck, petalpup, petalflux and petalvoid.

    Pinklopbunny also created a petalgender flag. It has five stripes: a large purple stripe, two slim green stripes, a slim white stripe, and a large pink stripe. Purple represents the non-physical longing, green represents nature and the Earth, white represents the gender range from feminine, neutral, unaligned, and xenine, and pink represents the connection to small or prey animals.


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