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    The juparettian flag.

    Juparettian is a non-binary xenogender in the celestial gender system. It is defined as someone who is both juparian and lunettian. A juparettian person may be fluid between the two, or they may be feel different amounts of each at different times.

    Juparettian is similar to saturnian, the difference being that with juparettian the masculine and feminine energy are more connected and combined.


    Juparettian is a term used in the original form of the celestial gender system but is used in the rework. In the rework juparettian is synonymous with venusian.


    The term juparettian was first used by Tumblr user Juparian, in response to an anonymous question on November 2, 2017[1]. Later, on December 31, 2017 Juparian posted the juparettian flag[2].

    The flag is a combination of the juparian and lunettian flag, with the top two stripes coming from the juparian flag and the bottom three coming from the lunettian flag.