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    Iolitian (iolitian) refers to an individual who identifies with male-aligned genders, female-aligned genders, and non-binary genders, who is also attracted to non-binary people and people who identify as female-aligned.

    Examples of people with gender identities who might use the label iolitian include:

    • Individuals who are genderfluid between female-aligned, male-aligned, and non-binary genders
    • Trigender or multigender people who are female-aligned, male-aligned, and non-binary aligned simultaneously
    • Non-binary people that consider themself aligned with all genders

    Examples of ways people might use iolitian to describe their experiences with attraction include:

    • An iolitian might only be attracted to non-binary and female-aligned people
    • An iolitian might be attracted to genders that aren't non-binary or female-aligned in nature, but prioritize their attraction to non-binary and female-aligned people

    Iolitian, (like sapphic, achillean, and diamoric), is an umbrella term, though it may also be used as an identity in and of itself.

    Alternate iolitian flag by FANDOM user Asayae.


    The iolitian flag was designed by an anonymous user on August 2, 2018[1]. The colors of the flag were based on the gemstone iolite, which is a variety of the mineral cordierite.

    The alternate iolitian flag was designed by FANDOM user Asayae on July 7, 2021. The meaning is as follows:

    • The first blue stripe represents male-aligned genders
    • The middle purple stripe represents non-binary aligned genders
    • The last pink stripe represents female-aligned genders
    • The heart emblem represents attraction to non-binary people while the flower represents additional attraction to female-aligned people.