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    Innocentsexual flag
    Alternate Innocentsexual flag
    Another alternate Innocentsexual flag.

    Innocentsexual is where someone is either sexually or romantically attracted to any gender not realizing that it would change their sexuality, or not realizing sexuality exists. This term is usually used for people with a young mental age or young people that are not yet in touch with their sexuality or gender. Most innocentsexual people do not realize that they are innocentsexual and it is used by other people to describe them, and when they do realize, they usually pick up a label.

    In most cases, you should not use this term to label children as that is considered pushing a label upon someone. This label is best used for age-regressors, age-dreamers, or by systems to describe ones attraction when they are in little space.

    This term also could be used as a description rather than an identity or label. For example, one may call a child "innocentsexual" in the same way they would call a child "pure."


    The flag was coined by an unspecified user on an unspecified date. The blue and pink stand for innocence, green stands for grass (likely as a connection to how children play), and the red circle stands for heart.

    The second flag was coined by a user going by Ruthie. The pink stands for feminine individuals, purple stands for genderless or in-between individuals (non-binary, intersex, etc), blue stands for masculine individuals, the red heart represents romance and attraction and pureness. The blue, pink, and purple also represent baby blankets, signifying innocence.

    The third flag was coined by FANDOM user Thatgaybestfriend on Febuary 25, 2020, as a flag mainly made for age regressors. The pink stands for innocence, green represents a connection to childhood, yellow stands for all genders, and the white is for littles/age regression in general.

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