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    Ineffaline is the quality of a gender that cannot be categorized or defies all forms of classification. No currently existing label or category fits and any attempt to label or classify an ineffaline gender will fail or be rejected. An ineffaline gender is adamantly not masculine, feminine, androgynous, neutral, outherine, xenine, or any other existing gender quality, and it is not in between or related to any existing gender quality. It is also not necessarily genderless. It denies and defies any currently existing labels and it will likely deny and defy any labels that will be created in the future. It is not necessarily because the person who possesses the gender is questioning or doesn’t understand their gender. An ineffaline person can be strongly gendered, and fully confident in their gender, but all labels or descriptions that exist do not seem to fit.

    Ineffaline is not a gender on its own, but is rather a description of a gender or gender quality (in the same way masculine, feminine, androgynous, outherine, etc. are used). Ineffaline is not necessarily a single gender quality, but rather is a description of any unclassified gender qualities. If one is not ineffaline that means, by definition, one must identify with an existing gender term/quality. The noun form of the word is ineffity or ineffalinity.

    Admittedly, due to the definition of ineffaline, an ineffaline person may reject the label of ineffaline on principle.


    Ineffaline was coined by Chaoticcylinder on June 12, 2020.[1] It was based on the word "ineffable."


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