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    The hemi-pansexual flag.
    The alternate hemi-pansexual flag.
    A horizontal version of the flag.

    Hemi-Pansexual, also known as Media-Pansexual, is a term for those who are pansexual and may experience less attraction to one or more genders they are attracted to. Despite this, hemi-pansexual individuals may still be willing to have feelings for, or a relationship with, genders they are less attracted to, and might have visualized themselves in a relationship with individuals of that/those gender(s).

    However, one does not need to experience these feelings to be hemi-pansexual. Reasons as to why someone may identity as hemi-pansexual may include fear, discomfort, or any other feeling that can cause one to feel hesitant about being in a relationship with/having feelings for said gender(s).

    The experience with fear and/or discomfort varies depending on the individual, and it might not be the primary reason as to why one identifies this way. Possible causes can be anything, from home environment to dysphoria or trauma; however, one can be hemi-pansexual without any of these being a reason for that.

    Some may identify as hemi-pansexual for labels/terms, because not everyone is comfortable with labels such as, "pan with a preference," "panromantic/omniromantic," "omnisexual," etc.

    This term is inclusive and can be used as an alternative to "pan with a preference” or “pancurious.” It can combined with any other term if wanted by the individual.

    The bisexual counterpart is hemi-bisexual.


    The term was coined by Discord and Fandom user Musephile on June 11, 2021. The flags were created on June 28, 2021.[1]

    A horizontal version of the flag was created by FANDOM user mayasx on September 27, 2021.[2]


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