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    The hemi-bisexual flag.
    The hemi-bisexual flag without noise filter.
    An alternate hemi-bisexual flag.
    Not to be confused with Semi-Bisexual.

    Hemi-Bisexual, also known as Media-Bisexual, is a term for those who consider themselves bisexual but experience less attraction to one of the genders they are attracted to. Despite this, a hemi-bisexual individual may still be willing to have a relationship or feelings for, and might visualize themselves in a relationship with, someone of that gender. However, one doesn't have to experience these feelings to be hemi-bisexual.

    One may identify as hemi-bisexual due to fear, discomfort, or any other feeling that can cause someone to feel hesitant about being in a relationship with/having feelings for said gender. One's fear/discomfort varies depending on the individual. Possible causes include household environment, homophobia, dysphoria, etc. One may also identify as stigsexual, averseminsexual, aversefinsexual and/or legersexual; however, one can be hemi-bisexual without any of these being a reason for that.

    Another possible reason for someone identifying as hemi-bisexual is that not everyone who identifies as bisexual may feel comfortable with terms such as biromantic, bisexual lesbian, biromantic homosexual, etc. This term is inclusive and could be used as alternative to “bi with a preference,” or “bicurious.” It can also be combined with other terms.

    The pansexual counterpart is hemi-pansexual.


    The term was coined by Discord and FANDOM user Musephile on June 8, 2021.[1] It was originally supposed to be a recoin of semi-bisexual, but it no longer is due to the coiner's change of decision.


    The hemi-bisexual flag was created by Musephile.[2] It is a more cooler tone from the original bisexual flag, the cooler tone and noise filter indicating the "feeling of hesitation of sorts" and along the "desire of wanting to be open about it."[3]

    An alternate hemi-bisexual flag was designed by FANDOM user Uncertified Funny on June 11, 2021.[4]


    Hemi-bisexual is also called media-bisexual, because "media" translates to "half" in Spanish.


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