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    Genital Sofrimento

    The Genital Dysphoria and Genital Dysmorphia flag.

    Genital Sofrimento is an umbrella term used to describe an individual who feels disconnect, dysphoria, and/or dysmorphia towards their genitallia. This could be due to ones gender identity, ones altersex identity, ones intersex body, trauma, neurodivergence, or anything else.

    One who has genital sofrimento may also experience NCST sofrimento, chest sofrimento, and/or gonadal sofrimento. Genital sofrimento can be experienced by anyone, regardless of whether they are cisgender, transgender, non-binary, anonbinary, etc.

    One with this may experience genital euphoria as well.

    Genital Dysphoria

    Genital Dysphoria is a feeling of discomfort, distress, or self hatred stemming from a disconnect between one's internal desire of genitals and ones actual genitals, due to the fact that one feels as though their genitals do not correctly represent their gender identity.

    An example of this would be an AFAB meluisman who desires a penis, and feels as though their vagina misrepresents their own personal sense of gender. This means that their vagina causes gender dysphoria, and thus also classifies as genital dysphoria.

    Genital Dysmorphia

    Genital Dysmorphia is a feeling of discomfort, distress, or self hatred towards ones genitals, that causes or comes from a desire for a different type of genital (or no genitals at all.)

    The difference between this and genital dysphoria, is that genital dysmorphia isn't related to ones gender identity, while genital dysphoria is. For example, one may be an AMAB cisgender man, but feel dysmorphic towards their penis, and desire another type of genitallia instead. This has nothing to do with their gender, as sex and gender aren't always connected or related to some people.


    The term genital sofrimento was coined by Cryptocrew, specifically Anamika, on May 9th of 2021.


    The genital dysphoria/dysmorphia flag was coined by Tumblr user varsex-pride on February 5th of 2020. It has no confirmed meaning.


    This term was named after the word Sofrimento, which is Portugese for discomfort or suffering.



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