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    The gendersink flag.

    Gendersink is a term where one feels like their gender identity- forced or not- is sinking physically, weighing them and slowly pulling them downward due to trauma or neurodivergence. One may have any gender, however one is slowly losing their sense of self and identity due to their gender identity weighing them down. This may cause extreme anxiety and depression for those who do sink, and some may have a "genderleap", where their gender identity springs back up from being pulled down. It also may be hard for one to describe how this makes them feel, or how this even occurs. This can be described in multiple ways, such as:

    • A sense of fluctuation or fluidity in gender, where when one is gendersinking they experience their gender identity, and when they genderleap they do not experience their sinking gender, or don't experience gender at all.
    • Experiencing one's gender when they gendersink, but not when they genderleap.
    • Not experiencing gender when one is gendersink, but experiencing it when one is genderleap
    • Feeling like one's gender is unimportant when one is genderleap, but is crucial when gendersinking.
    • Feeling like one's gender identity is what is holding onto their trauma, similar to genderforced.
    • Feeling a physical and mental draining from one's gender identity being related to one's trauma.
    • Feeling one's gender slowly being pulled down on oneself from neurodivergence.
    • Feeling one's gender is indescribable or confusing when gendersinking, but the opposite when genderleaping.


    The term and flag were coined on January 26th, 2021 by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. the turquoise shades represent ones gender slowly sinking, white represents the physical and mental drain of gendersinking, red represents ones trauma or neurodivergence, black represents sinking and being weighed down.

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