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    Gender Dysmorphia

    The gender dysmorphia flag.

    Gender Dysmorphia is a feeling characterized by an obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in one's appearance, specifically regarding the physical attributes that relates to one's gender and/or sex.[1] The term is sometimes used interchangeably with gender dysphoria and the two may greatly overlap, though they do not have to.

    Gender Dysmorphia vs. Gender Dysphoria

    Gender dysphoria specifically describes the feeling of discomfort, distress, or self hatred caused by a disconnect between one's actual gender and the gender one appears as. Additionally, dysphoria does not have to be directed at a perceived physical flaw, it can also be caused by non-physical things, such as misgendering.

    Gender dysmorphia is a specific subcategory of body dysmorphic disorder, specifically for when one focuses on parts of one's body associated with gender and/or sex. Among transgender people dysphoria and dysmorphia can greatly overlap and gender dysmorphia can lead to feeling dysphoria about that part of one's body. Additionally, gender dysmorphia can be felt by cisgender people. For example, a cisgender woman may have dysmorphia towards their breasts, but still identifies as cisgender female. One may have dysmorphia towards the physical attributes that relates to ones gender, while not identifying as another gender.


    The flag was created by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags on December 12th of 2019. It has no confirmed meaning.


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