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    The genderNH flag.
    The genderNH symbol.

    GenderNH is an umbrella term for a gender which is impacted by being nonhuman in some way. This includes but is not limited to alterhumans and nonhumans in systems, delusional misidentification, and vampires.

    Being GenderNH is not inherently transgender or non-binary, though genderNH individuals may be. The term can include cis nonhumans who feel like their gender is still impacted by a nonhuman identity.


    The term was coined by The Anomaly some time in 2018. The term was coined due to a lack of a preexisting term for the experience which included all nonhumans. The term was primarily spread by word of mouth and through Discord servers or forums rather than having an official coining.

    Flags and Symbols

    The genderNH flag and symbol were created by Dinic of The Anomaly on April 29, 2021 upon realizing that there wasn't one.

    The symbol was created to acknowledge the important use of symbols in the system and otherkin communities. The interlocking circles was based on the symbol for plurality, but created to look like a pawprint, a common symbol for nonhumans.

    The flag was inspired by the medusan flag. Brown represents earthly and animal nonhumanity, blue represents mythological and fictional nonhumanity, and white represents everything and the general mystery of nonhuman identity.

    Related Terms

    The kingender umbrella can be considered genderNH, though otherkin exclusive.

    Much of the time, genderNH can be considered xenogender, which are genders which cannot be described with typical human concepts.

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